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“There is no elevator to success – you have to take the stairs!”

If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water. Do you know what a chronic problem is? One you are not able to grin at.

As a long-term head of management of the origo health centers, a member of the board of the origo group and as a co-founder of the ibos institute for burnout and stress management, I am faced with both management and change processes as well as crisis management with organizations, individuals and teams.
I’m an licensed instructor for systemic coaching at the E•S•B•A, personality- and business coach (ISO-17024 certified) as well as psychotherapist. My focus is on health management, monitoring mental crises – especially burnout, exhaustion and stress procedures.

For more than 25 years married and as the mother of two children, I attach importance to the agreement between work and private life. Men and women struggle to get on work and find time for their family. Finding a life balance is hard. That’s why I offer counselling in family and work planning.

Further information is available on the corporate page of the European Systemic Business Academy.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Burnout – prevention

Depending on the concerns – I’m offering professional counseling methods in coaching, supervision, mentoring, psychotherapy (psychodrama) as well as training especially in burnout and exhaustion.
01. Coaching, Mentoring & Supervision

Health, business and executive coaching, mentoring and supervision for individuals and teams.

02. Leadership Development

Training, workshops and lectures on topics such as burnout prevention, stress management, humor in business, resilience strengthening, healthy management (salutogenic management), corporate health management, change processes and team development, STAP- Staff Assistance Program

I accompany you in crises or in personal change and development processes in an individual – and group setting as well as in the potential activation of individual performance. Additionally I offer couple coaching.

04. Training and education

Lecturer for systemic coaching and leadership
E•S•B•A – European Systemic Business Academy

Lecturer at the Sozialakademie

05. Workshops


Coaching & Burnout prevention

Books and articles on the subject area of coaching and burnout prevention.
Books and CD`s are currently only available in German.
„Der Fleiß und sein Preis. Erfolg ohne Stress und Burnout“ (2011)
„Die Begegnung mit dem Augenblick.“ (2004)
zur Bestellung
“Der Fleiß und sein Preis. Erfolg ohne Stress und Burnout” (2011) – Audiobook
Hörausschnitte der CD „Der Fleiß und sein Preis”
zur Bestellung
“Coaching am Rande des Burnouts” – Vortrag Dr. Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina,
26. März 2015 im Bildungshaus Schloss Puchberg
Lisa Tomaschek bei der Pressekonferenz 4.11.2010  zur Initiative “Stressfest”
FM4 Homebase zum Thema Burnout
FM4 Homebase zum Thema Burnout
Shoppen bei Stress
Shoppen bei Stress
Ö1 Morgenjournal Kassenvertrag
Ö1 Morgenjournal Kassenvertrag
Press clippings

Press clippings

Stress- and Burnoutdeseases

Articles und press clippings from various media.
Articles are currently only in German.
to the older press clippings


Make difference

lively, humorous and present
vivid, comprehensible and appreciative
tangible, useful and sensible

“During my coaching training at the ESBA, as well as within the framework of the master class Burnout, I was able to learn and to benefit from the extensive specialist knowledge of Dr. Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina. In her design, she has given us a lot of know-how in a humorous way, which can also be implemented in practice. An enrichment for me personally and professionally!”


“The attendance of the ESBA master class training course “Burnout Prevention & Counseling” with Lisa Tomaschek has really enriched me. Enriched me as well as professional – thanks to Lisa ‘s profound knowledge, which she flexibly used in the modules, and as well as human – thanks to her humorous and lively, correspondingly serious and respectful style in this area. A worthwhile course for all who want to specialize in this area.”


„Miss Dr. Tomaschek-Habrina has a convincing, years-long profounded experience with her burnout institute ibos or more specifically with her origo healthcare center.”


“In a first interview a stress profile and a picture of my current professional and private situation were created. Subsequently, there were laboratory tests to determine the physical effects. After this first meeting I had hope and I was convinced that I could get healthy again. Right from the start there was a trust base with my companions, which is almost the most important thing for a therapy. I always felt well, cared for and took the courage to tackle it. I gave myself a place in my life and concentrated on my needs, which I had long ignored. And I really did well.”


AUA, AOK, bene, NXP, FCP, CPB Software, Allianz, AMS, Siemens VAI, RBI/RZB, DBSchenker, Fresenius Kabi, ottobock, Novartis, XXXLutz, Horizont 3000, FH Wien, Gulet Touristik, MA 15, Raiffeisenbank OÖ, u.v.a.m

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Dr. Lisa Tomaschek-Habrina, MSc
E•S•B•A – European Systemic Business Academy
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