Parameters of exhaustion and stress syndroms, paraments for treatment such as prevention of stress-related syndroms


Definition of burnout as well as exhaustion and stress disorders:

Burnout is a multiple stress reaction that is characterized by massive exhaustion on a physical, mental and emotional level. The dynamic relationships between workplace and individual are triggering conditions and must be considered It is also necessary to take account of any existing diseases and long-term stress that exists over several weeks, months or even years.

What parameters should be taken into consideration during a burnout treatment?

Effective support requires a good cooperation and different disciplines from medicine, psychotherapy & coaching as well as complementary medicine disciplines.

Here an overview:

  • Targeted anamnesis (medical history, creation of a stress and resource profile- on a professional level, derivation of stress patterns)
  • Physical examination (age, sext, weight und height, blood pressure…)
  • detailed blood count (minimum full blood count or over 40 parameters for the control of the most important organ functions, with different liver values, several blood fat values, kidney, uric acid, thyroid gland, electrolytes, etc) according to detailed medical history
  • Determination of free radicals and antioxidants
  • Analysis of the faecal flora (microbiological determinations also on fungi and pathogene germs, as well as intestinal tumor)
  • HRV measurement (heart rate variability or heart pressure) A healthy heart constantly changes its rhythm – according to the change in stress. In the case of cardiac stress, this variability is always lost, so that the rhythm becomes increasingly rigid. (The HRV spectogram visualizes the measured psychophysical situation in a 24 hour stress analysis with a portable device.. By analyzing the HRV, an overall impression of the balance between the ability to perform and the regeneration can be obtained, thus implicitly the degree of burnout risk.)
  • Possibly psychopharmacological treatment for stabilization and for the support of the psychotherapeutic process, if necessary


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