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Coaching is the most versatile personnel development tool

22. July 2018|Categories: Changemanagement, Coaching, Work-Life-Balance|Tags: , |

Coaching is understood differently, because after all, the setting is considered the most individual training format. There is a discrepancy between very similar coaching processes and very different coaching understandings in the companies, which are [...]

Harvest at tempo 30 – Protection from exhaustion

13. December 2017|Categories: Mindfulness, Relaxation, Work-Life-Balance|Tags: , , |

About the small but important steps to protect against exhaustion. Breaks with alternative program: We all know, but in the hustle and bustle we often "forget" about it: Performance needs breaks, working through is exhausting, [...]

Agile methods in software development Quantitative study 2017

23. November 2017|Categories: Agile work, Exhaustion, Work-Life-Balance|Tags: , |

Mature consultants published a quantitative study analyzing 3000 agile projects, carried out by 150 organizations worldwide. The first study in 2015 shows the application of agile methods in comparison to traditional project methods and its [...]

Coaching as a key factor in agile, digital leadership

16. October 2017|Categories: Accompaniment, Agile work, Coaching|Tags: , |

Trained systemic coaches will give you everything what the agile, digital corporate world needs in the future. Coaching is here one of the key factors: both coaching-like leadership, as well as the support of external [...]

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