Trained systemic coaches will give you everything what the agile, digital corporate world needs in the future. Coaching is here one of the key factors: both coaching-like leadership, as well as the support of external coaches for the participants.


Skills for agile executives/managers

More than ever, companies will have to invest in personality development in the future so that dynamic complexity can be managed. Future agilities will have to bring a variety of competences with them and they need shorter decision-making processes, tighter processes and a growing dimension of unexpected changes. In doing so, it is not only necessary to complete agile methodological trainings, but rather personality development. People with coaching training ( already achieved this, which will be a decisive competitive advantage for future recruiting decisions in occupation of agile key points.

What can the coach give, what the agile, digital world absolutely needs?

  • Systemic-dynamic process skills
  • Host skills
  • Appreciative, respectful attitude
  • Communication skills at eye level
  • Diversity management – skills
  • Midwife to the idea, to the innovation, to the solution
  • Variety of methods for making solution and decision
  • Adequate personality development (during training)
  • Humorous, positive attitude to change processes
  • Motivational reliability

Not all coaches are alike – but who is good?

Serious and renowned providers in Austria can be found in the “österreichischen Dachverband für Coaching ACC“ Members of the coaching association conform to the defined state of the art quality criteria regarding the development of methods and personality.

Challenges of agile leadership in the digital world

Interactive work, co-operative decision-making, more structuring combined with more self-responsibility, transparency in doing, high flexibility, entrepreneurial thinking and willingness to perform are basic requirements and at the same time a challenge to agile work.

Future agile managers have to

– understand system dynamics and group dynamics

– give guidance in increasing complexity

– get out of the operational – to get into the process management

– get out of the substance – to get into the relationship work

– live the communicator role, to be a conflict moderator

– take over the midwife function

– drive innovations

– support the ability to experiment

– allow cross-thinking

– promote the independence of MA

– shared leadership live – long leash and still be in control

– manage adequate work distribution and workload

– remain digital affinity

– maintain networks

– show motivational reliability

– have emotional intelligence and competence

– build up trust

– provide solidarity and support, give freedom

– perform self-reflection and process reflection – (use coaching as support)


Agile executives as midwives

In shared leadership, they have to learn to let go the operating and to be available as midwives for interdisciplinary births. In the “5M mode” (5M = moderator, mentor, motivator, macro manager), they will have to initiate a participatory change management in favor of shorter decision-making processes and tighter processes to get all employees in an agile boat. Even then, it is still a long way to go. Old structures should be abandon and modify, because those concerned must become involved-and be involved, means to act independently. Participants overexert themselves at the beginning.


Personality development and coaching skills for executives

ESBA’s „Coaching training for executives“ provides systemic tools and social skills for the future agile leadership day.

ESBA, which is the founding member of the “ACC- österreichischen Dachverbands für Coaching” is not only responsible for quality assurance in coaching in Austria, but has been also offering different courses and tailor-made trainings with internationals staff for over 20 years in the German speaking world. Through the development of social skills by means of intensified self-reflection and appropriation of systemic perspective and way of thinking, as well as extended methodological and actional repertoire, allow all courses, further education an immediate implementation of the theoretical and scientific contents in (professional) everyday life.

Workshops in Greece and Salzburg

ESBA has its own location at the summer academy in Greece on the island of Lemnos and has been offering coaching and mentoring programs as well as personality development workshops for over 2 decades.

Overview of training courses and offers:

Intensive, professional, executive coaching courses

Coaching & Mentoring at the Summer Academy in Greece


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