About the small but important steps to protect against exhaustion.

Breaks with alternative program:

We all know, but in the hustle and bustle we often “forget” about it: Performance needs breaks, working through is exhausting, and at some point, you are not moving forward anymore. Therefore, schedule an interval of 5 to 10 minutes every one and a half hours: e.g. remind yourself by a ringtone on the phone. Important: Use these breaks for an alternative program, so do something completely different as you did before. So, who e.g. works on the computer, should not try to relax with a computer game, or with checking private e-mails, but e.g. walk around the block, get some fresh air or share tea or coffee with colleagues.

Devise : As good as I can!

Burnout is particularly a risk for those people who are very committed, constantly pushing themselves to the limit, and who have to be “perfect” and can do everything without help. For them, the mantra of the little boy scouts, the gnome and the scapegoat, can be helpful: “As good as I can!” Do your job as good as you can, and back up your expectations of yourself a bit. Do not demand more from yourself as it is

Mindfulness for the moment

Investigations of computer keyboards show the traces of “simultaneity”: scores of leftovers were revealed, and work and food intake are done at the same time. Direct your consciousness and the succession on the moment: Now I’m working, now I’m eating, now I’m relaxing – and then …

Relaxation exercises without the need to do it

Whether Yoga, Qigong, Progressive Muscle Relaxation after Jacobson breathing exercises or just staring: What you do to relax on a regular basis, the main thing is, it’s fun and enjoyable. Relaxation should not be an overcoming, not a must-have-to-do – but still a fixed component of your professional everyday life, so that stress does not become a chronic danger for the health.

Time off from mobile phone and computer

Always available, always ready to be, puts immense pressure on the soul. Our body is not created for the continuous sitting in front of the computer screen. So: At least during your free time, treat yourself and have time off from your mobile phone and your computer. Turn it off or keep it in silent mode.

Time to harvest

Multitasking, to deal with more than one task at the moment, veils the beginning and the end of a task, so there is a lack of opportunities and you cannot look forward to accomplishments. Take time to harvest, e.g. when a project is finished – for yourself (I’ve done it!) And in a team (we should celebrate it with a meal together!).

Speed 30 instead of full braking

Just as there are more and more traffic-calmed 30s zones in traffic, you should also have break phases in your everyday life, in which one throttles the speed. Do not slow down completely, but decelerate is the motto. Because full braking is known to be accompanied by a recoil. Who is traveling at high speed and suddenly stops, is quickly caught up with what he or she wanted to leave behind.

Inventory of the soul

Check regularly how you feel. For example, take an inventory of the soul every year on your birthday and ask yourself what is really important to you, how far is your reality from these values, whether you are “walking in your own shoes.” And if you are already feeling exhausted, drained or even ill, ask yourself: is it worth to risk my health? Start now and in small steps to change your work habits, otherwise you will soon feel overwhelmed in other areas.


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